My first attempt at hypermiling (techniques used to increase your vehicle’s miles per gallon) has shown impressive results. I went from my usual 32MPG in the city to 39MPG in one week. The 39MPG is even better than my typical 36MPG on the highway!

Hypermiling can be defined as any improvement in MPG that exceeds the EPA average for your make and model of vehicle. For example, my 2008 Honda Fit (automatic transmission) is supposed to get 27mpg in the city/30mpg on the highway. As you can see, I was a little better than average when using my normal driving habits. Now, I exceed those number by a measurable amount. What I have changed are as follows:

1. I drive less aggressively.(ex..speeding around people and taking off from a light or stop sign.)

2. I shut down my vehicle when I’m at a stop for longer than 30 seconds.(Again, stop lights, traffic, train, etc)

3. I never drive over 60mph because research has shown that anything over the 55/60mph range is wasting fuel.(

4. I rarely use the air conditioning. I instead opt for rolling down the window. Contrary to common belief, having the windows down does not affect aerodynamics very much.

There are more extreme methods (putting the car in neutral on downhills and shutting down the vehicle at certain times) which are available if you wish to research them. I recommend even slight changes in driving habits. I will continue to update and monitor my progress and I recommend you do the same.

PS: I use gas cubby app on my iphone to record my usage data.