I decided to run the 2012 Brickcity 5k on Friday night. I had all day Saturday to talk myself out of it. Well, as you can probably guess, I did run the race and got 4th place overall. I was happy with my performance even though I knew I could have done better had I not run on a whim. I took 1st in my age group also! Thank God the three guys in front of me were much older and younger than me.

During the race, I was thinking about how I could become faster and what dieting steps I needed to take to drop my body weight down to be more competitive. I realized later that probably wasn’t the most productive way to go about running a race. Truth be told, I was actually having a good time while I was struggling to breathe. I’m convinced that it’s the feeling after a good run that hooks new runners into this crazy sport. More to follow…..